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Thank you for investing in my book.  It is the first of its kind to share the strategies and skill set required to acquire powerfully persuasive testimonials & reviews.  The book is based on my 30+ years experience in television production and the system I developed to overcome the obstacles most everyone faces when asking clients and patients for a video testimonial.

What you’ll find here, at this website, are companion components to the book, such as scripts, methodology and implementation ideas connected to what I discuss in my book.  I decided to provide this information here rather than in the book because it’s ever changing.  The work I do with my private clients allows me to always be testing my system so I’m able tweak it as I discover new methods.  Providing this material here allows me the flexibility to keep it up to date for you.  It’s easier to update it here than in the book.  So whether you bought the book today or 5 years from now, the material here will be the most up to date and topical.

If you’ve found yourself here and haven’t purchased my book then this information will not be of much use to you.  What I provide here is what you will put into application in your business, but without the book and the instructions to understand the mechanics of application of this information it’ll be like driving a car without a steering wheel.  Therefore, if you haven’t invested in my book, I suggest you do so now and come back once you have the book in hand.  Click the link to go to my Amazon page.

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